How To Make Music Sound Amazing In Your Own Home

There is nothing quite like music. It is there when you are happy and feel like dancing, and it keeps you company when you are not feeling so good. No matter what genre you like listening to music is a very important part of our lives, and it’s one that carries a significantly positive impact. Whether you are a musician or just an audiophile, you can always enhance your listening experience by getting the right … Read more

3 Tips to Plan a Hassle Free Movie Night at Home

Remember those lazy weekends where you feel like going and hanging out with friends, but cannot motivate yourself to move off the couch. We all experience those moments more often than we would like to admit to ourselves, already middle-aged, selves! But, no need to wallow in sorrow for your long-lost youth, just yet; this is where a good old movie night comes to the rescue. You can have the best of both worlds, hanging … Read more

Review/Overview: Solid-Cordz 6′ extension cables

Good day folks, and welcome back to Dragonblogger! Today I present you with a brief review/overview of the 6′ home theater extension cords from Solid-Cordz. These beefy little cables are pretty basic, however durable and quite easy to deal with. They aren’t near as stiff as most other cables I’ve come across and are very flexible, yet they also can withstand a great deal of weight. Durability is also always a major factor to consider … Read more