Pro’s & Con’s: The Scarefest Kentucky 2018

  For those who have been keeping up with me and my convention travels, you know that I have only been to two horror conventions this year. In fact, 2018 marks the very first time I had ever in my entire life been to a horror convention and I am so glad that I made the decision to go to a horror convention. As in my article about Days of the Dead, which happened to … Read more

The Best Horror Movies of 2016

There are many great movie genres that we love to watch and everyone has their own personal favourite. While some people are into romantic movies or comedies there are others that like nothing better than an exciting action drama or a scary horror film. When it comes to the latter, there are many fabulously frightening movies to choose from and when it comes to the release of great horror movies, 2016 has been an excellent … Read more