Accurately tracking peripherals and facial movements in VR is easier than ever with these small, light, and power-efficient trackers LONDON, March 10, 2021 – HTC VIVE®, the leader in premium virtual reality (VR), today announced the next evolution of the VIVE Tracker ecosystem, with the launch of the new VIVE Tracker 3.0, and the VIVE Facial Tracker. HTC has consistently set the industry standard, and this third generation of the VIVE Tracker is even more versatile with up … Read more

HTC VIVE Offers Special Spooky Bundle for Halloween

No medium does horror quite like virtual reality. Every creak of a floorboard, every passing shadow and every suspicion of a scare lurking around the corner is magnified as you’re immersed in your greatest nightmares. If you’re brave enough to spend Halloween in your headset this year, VIVE has all of your scares covered. With both hardware and content deals now live, this Halloween season will be your spookiest yet. VIVE Halloween Hardware Bundle  From … Read more

Showcasing Swords of Gargantua Steam VR Game

This past weekend JohnayyBoyy an occasional contributor to the Dragon Blogger Twitch channel helped cover a SteamVR game called Swords of Gargantua for us.  I always have thought that VR games with medieval have so much potential, the ability to wield a shield in one hand and a sword or axe in the other and swing to your hearts content.  Skyrim on PSVR did this with a fair amount of success but the resolution and … Read more

About the HTC Vive VR System

Naturally, the goal of VR devices is to give you an immersive experience to make you feel like you are part of game or the movie or whatever it is you happen to be viewing or interacting with. Also, the VR devices designed for mobile phones are completely different from the ones that support desktop and Play station gaming experience. So! In order to start our HTC VIVE review, we will start simply with comparing … Read more