HUAWEI Watch GT 2e Bluetooth SmartWatch Review

So I was sent a Graphite Black version of the HUAWEI Watch GT 2e months ago and did initial unboxing and tests, but wanted to use it every day for at least 4+ months before I would write my official review of it.  The reason is sometimes these smart watches can have batteries that won’t hold a charge or severe performance degradation after just a few weeks, but I can tell you my GT 2e … Read more

The Honor Zero: The Smartest Fitness Tool To Date?

    While the Honor Zero does fall within the category of smartwatches, it seems to be more of a blend of a smart watch and a fitness band. It’s not that it’s a bit of both; rather, it seems to be half way between the two. It’s got all of your basic fitness features, while smartphone synchronization and a few other features leave it a cut above the rest. Let’s take a closer look. … Read more

The SmartPhone I Want Most In Pakistan

Living in a country like Pakistan, one wants to spend the least on luxury and more on family needs. Looking at those price tags of famous brands smartphones like Samsung’s Galaxy, Apple’s iPhone or Motorola’s Moto X, that’s something not in the reach of many here. If you take a look at the currency converter, you’ll know what I mean. But since this is an article about the one smartphone that I want the most, … Read more