Hulu with ads or paid plan without ads: Should we spend more money?

Even though streaming services are not brand new leisure, the pandemic made us go hunting for more and more fresh titles and series. So, in case you’ve seen all of Netflix and Amazon content, Hulu is yet another alternative that you can choose on your Roku, Apple TV, Fire Stick or other streaming media device, especially if binge-watching is your thing.  It’s normally obvious to expect a paid subscription, but is it really worth it? … Read more

How to Find What Shows are on What Streaming Services

Most of us have been in this situation: It’s Friday night and you’re tired from a long week of work. You pull up one of your favorite streaming services, but you can’t seem to find something to watch. You heard of a new movie you might want to see, but you have to go to each different streaming channel and search it one by one to see if they have it. Wouldn’t it be great … Read more