Humble Bundle Choice Game Subscription – Get Games and Support Charity at Same Time

I am a huge fan of the Humble Bundle Game subscription service which you subscribe for say $12 for new subscribers and you get over $300 worth of PC Steam game keys every month.  With the Choice Bundle you get to pick the games you want for that month from a list of choices, and usually just 1 game alone is worth 3x the cost of the monthly subscription so you easily are getting 10x … Read more

Game on PC with a Ballistic Joystiq!

Welcome back, game players of all sorts, and especially PC gamers (because, quite frankly, this article is directed at you anyway)! Today, we present to you some epic PC gaming deals, from First-Person Shooters to Survival Horror, with a nice little cornucopia of other gems in between. So kick back, chillax, and get your virtual (or physical) wallets ready, because it’s time for the jump! First up, we have the latest of the Bundle Stars … Read more