A Look at the Incapsula Product (CDN: Performance and Security)

Many times when we start our blog (or website) we don’t see a need for a content delivery network (a.k.a. CDN). In fact, it is not surprising that we wouldn’t know what a CDN is, when we first get started. What is a CDN and How Do I Know When Someone Is Using It? First, [...]

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Configuring Incapsula for Best Cache Performance

I spent a good deal of time over the past few nights tweaking and testing every configuration setting possible with Incapsula to eek out better caching and performance for my sites that run behind Incapsula.  As you may or may not already know, Incapsula is my favorite cloud service for security your Wordpress blog without [...]

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Incapsula Now Features Backdoor Protection

Yesterday, Incapsula made their Backdoor Protect feature open up to public beta.  This feature adds an additional layer of protection for your site by performing on-execution request monitoring and combining it with HTTP signature detection methods to detect any inappropriate shell environments that may be opening and being used on your web host. If a [...]

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Using Incapsula to Protect your Websites

I have had most of my blogs protected by Incapsula for the past several weeks and have seen improvement in both performance, reduced downtime and benefited from the increased security of using Incapsula to protect my sites over the past few weeks. What is Incapsula Incapsula is a web application firewall, CDN and website optimizer [...]

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What Do You Look For in a Web Hosting Provider?

It is no surprise that I have been contacted by a lot of web hosting companies over the past few weeks and have worked with several myself over the past few months.  While my site is reaching the limits in traffic and connections I can get from a shared hosting solution I have managed to [...]

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