How Can You Get Better Internet Speed at Home?

When you operate a business, you often have access to some of the best technology to ensure fast, seamless internet. For example, businesses with multiple locations can use SD-WAN, which is software-based and allows for the combination of multiple Internet connections for stability and continuity. So as a consumer with your home Internet, what kind of options are available to you? There are steps you can take as well as various gadgets and tech tools … Read more

Test My Internet Speed: Top 9 Reasons Why You Should Do It

Most Internet subscribers only think about testing their Internet speed when it’s sluggish. However, computer tech experts suggest that this shouldn’t be the case. Regular Internet speed testing should be done as problems usually go unnoticed when you’re only doing simple daily tasks on the Internet. It’s highly recommended that you check your Internet speed with a speedtest at least once a week. Here are the top reasons you should do so: It’s easy and … Read more