How to Configure your TCL Roku TV to Default to Satellite or HDMI on Power On

Maybe you picked up your new TCL Roku TV during the Amazon Prime Day sale in July 2018 where the price was incredible, or maybe you had one for a while now.  One thing by default when you power on the TCL Roku TV it shows you the home screen with all your input and app options, but maybe you want your TCL Roku TV to default to Satellite when you power it on, or … Read more

Featuring the Beelink i68 TV Box with 4K Resolution

Are you looking for a quality system that can do it all, but you don’t want to spend a huge chunk of your hard earned money on a desktop, a game system, a smart TV or a Roku box? Now you can get all the features that you crave on a small, powerful system that fits easily in the palm of your hand and does everything that you need in a simple and streamlined package, … Read more

The Future of Broadcast Media

With the death of analog TV signals and everyone having either switched to digital tv antennas, cable or some form of satellite television broadcasting we will gradually start to see the next shift with broadcasting over the Internet