What Happened to the Apple iPhone 5?

Apple iPhone 4S is finally out, with the demand just increasing day by day even though the device didn’t undergo any cosmetic changes. The only major changes made on the smartphone, was the inclusion of a powerful Apple A5 processor and an 8 megapixel camera. But the really mystery has been the unanswered question about the existence of the Apple iPhone5. Though we do agree that there has been lot of hype regarding the phone’s … Read more

Apple iOS 5: WWDC 2011

Yes finally the day has arrived for the most awaited WWDC 2011 Conference. Despite all the rumors that you might have heard, Apple made it clear from the beginning that this event is only about the software updates for the iOS device and has nothing to do with the hardware (I know that is disappointing). But still, what ever the news is, as long as Apple is considered, they are never going to disappoint you. … Read more