Top Mobile Games: Android vs. iOS 

The age old dispute between Android users and iOS basically boils down to which software is better, and that argument is still and most likely will always be in play. At least developers of trending games haven’t been tainted by making their own assumptions and running with them creating a specific game for either or. Instead the innovative developers have come up with a solution; create games that can be accessed by both rivals. And … Read more

The 5 Games we Enjoyed Playing on iOS in 2015

2015 was an exciting year in the mobile gaming world. More and more users discovered this world and new and innovative games were released. It is time to look back at the year and select the 5 games that we have enjoyed playing. This time we have decided to focus on iOS games. But know that most games can also be played in Android devices. A Dark Room: A Dark Room is a little game … Read more

8 Anticipated and Exciting Android and iPhone Games for 2014

2013 is over. Like every year, everything will start anew again. And you will have another 12 months of exciting games to download and play on your favorite Android, iPhone or iPad. With introduction of tons of new games this year, this would be really overwhelming for you to choose the best ones for your Android. So, here is a brief and comprehensive list of top 10 games for 2014 just for you. Keep them … Read more

Elemental Kingdoms for iOS is a Fast Paced Card Battle Game

I spent many a night over the past week playing Elemental Kingdoms for iOS which is a new card based strategy game from publisher Perfect World Entertainment who is the same company that brought us The Secret World for the PC which is a fantastic horror themed MMO series. Elemental Kingdoms is similar to Orions and Orions 2 but without any structure or base building, the game is all about collecting cards, leveling them up … Read more