7 Key Factors You Should Consider When Developing IoT Apps

According to IoT statistics, there are more than 20 billion IoT devices connected to the internet and that number will exceed 75 billion by 2025. Global spending on IoT will exceed the $1 trillion mark and it will generate $212 billion in revenue. A major chunk (55%) of IoT spending will go to apps and services. These are staggering numbers irrespective of how you look at them but what do these numbers tell you about … Read more

How to Protect your Smart Home Video Devices from Hacking

The inexorable march of Internet-enabled home appliances and devices has arrived – with largely amazing results. From televisions, refrigerators, intruder alarm systems, and especially the ubiquitous home video and closed-circuit television devices (CCTVs, monitors, and the like), they have made life easier for the great majority of households that use them. The Internet of Things (IoT) revolution is in full swing. And as more and more of these appliances enter markets and homes all over … Read more

IoT – Risks And Rewards

IoT or the Internet of Things refers to all the things we have become accustomed to using in our normal life and business which are connected electronically, such as smart TVs, driverless vehicles and the means by which they are connected. https://www.persiantools.com/more/static/uploads/2018/03/iotsecurity-78f6b12dcae5abc30c064d454ed4cf0ba832f041f3193f685090c1979943adc3.jpg We don’t normally think about these things as they come into out lives, just accepting that cars can park automatically without drivers, or that we can spend time with distant loved ones without … Read more

5 Technological Trends That You Should Know

These days, so many things depend on the new technology. Therefore, it will be for you to adopt these new changes so that you can increase your pace when it comes to making of hard choices.Hence, it can be thoughtful to consider the advancement when it comes to your business. However, before you do that, it may be necessary to consider the following technological trends. 1. Advanced IOT It is one of the advanced trends, … Read more

Where Can You Actually See The IoT In Action?

The Internet Of Things (IoT) has been a buzz-worthy tech topic for a long time now, despite the fact that most of us have only a vague understanding of it. It’s fairly easy to grasp the basic idea—the IoT connects our devices in a way that helps them to communicate automatically with each other—but the actual applications require a closer look to be properly understood. So where can you actually see these applications in everyday … Read more