Review of the Arcadia ArcLight 2.0 iPad Keyboard Case

I have reviewed many Bluetooth keyboards and many cases for the iPad but this is one of only a few that try to combine both a case and a Wireless Bluetooth keyboard into the same accessory.  The Arcadia ArcLight 2.0 is also the best iPad Keyboard Case combo I have ever reviewed so far and I will share with you everything that worked well with this accessory and a few minor items that could be … Read more

Anker Ultrathin Bluetooth Keyboard Case Review

I hadn’t had a chance to review a new iPad keyboard cover case for a while, so I was excited to get my hands on the Anker Ultrathin Bluetooth Keyboard Case with Stand and yes the product name is quite a mouthful as they stuffed all the keyboard cover case can do into the product name. First and foremost this is a wireless Bluetooth keyboard for the iPad that doubles over as a case that … Read more