Dr Mode iPhone 6 Case with Belt Clip

This is a quick review of the Dr. Mode iPhone 6 Case with Belt Clip which I received last month and spent a few weeks testing.  I ended up giving this case 3 stars though it may be 3.5 stars due to it being very reasonably priced and you are getting decent value here. Normally I use Otterbox cases so doing quality comparison here reveals you are getting a softer, weaker type of rubber bumper, … Read more

AnsTOP iPhone 6 Anti-Gravity Case Review

What is an Anti-Gravity case you ask?  Well it is a case that has nano-technology that allows you to stick it to any surface yet it doesn’t feel adhesive or stick to your hands or fingers when you touch it.  This AnsTOP case was one of the simple and most unique iPhone 6 cases I have ever reviewed and actually turned out to be a fun one to play around with. Here is the video … Read more