Smiphee iPhone 6 Battery Case Review

The Smiphee iPhone 6 Battery case that was sent to me was the thinnest of all the phone battery cases I have reviewed.  It barely adds any thickness or length to your phone and it offers nearly double your phone battery life in the case. This case adds 11 hours of talk time or about 8 hours of combination usage to your iPhone 6 and barely adds thickness or length and is the thinnest iPhone 6 … Read more

How To Use Recovery Mode And Safe Mode On The iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 is the most popular model on the market, with a 30% market share. Using both the recovery mode and the safe mode on your iPhone 6 can be extremely useful for getting rid of many of the common problems experienced by users. The latest issue is updating to the newest firmware. This comes in the form of your computer or iTunes failing to recognize your device. The Apple logo will remain on … Read more

Review of the FRiEQ KS-01 Selfie Stick

Remember that movie, National Lampoon’s Vacation where Chevy Chase (the dad) asked a guy to take a family picture for them, then ran off with the camera?  If you haven’t seen that movie, you should it’s funny, though I am sure you can’t find it on RedBox and can only get it on DVD from Netflix, but let’s get back to this review.  The point of the flash back down memory lane was the fact … Read more

Featuring the Sakra iPhone 6 #BatteryCase

You are starting to see more companies think beyond just a simple smartphone case and combine the benefits of an external battery into a Smartphone case to give you the benefits of both worlds.  This is what you get with the Sakra iPhone 6 Battery Case which is known as their Energi-Pack and this case protects your iPhone 6 but also includes a 3100mAh battery so that you can keep your phone going for an … Read more

5 Sleek, Stylish and Simple Cases for the iPhone 6

What was once thought of a means of communication has become a status symbol and a trend on its own.  To dominate that trend Apple has introduced the iPhone 6 and within it a mouthwatering crowd waiting to get their hands on it.  With this symbol, there must be a sexy way to protect it and there are many options to choose from when searching for iphone 6 cases with the following being some of … Read more