Proker iPhone 6 Battery Case Review

There are quite a number of charging cases for the iPhone lately and these are basically cases with a built in external battery or power bank. They come in a variety of sizes and thicknesses but the one from Proker that I received to review is probably the thinnest one of all the iPhone 6 battery cases that I reviewed.  This case has a 2500mAh battery and can just about charge your iPhone 6 a … Read more

BSWHW Battery Case for iPhone 5S Review

This is a review of the BSWHW Battery Case for iPhone 5S though the same model case will work with the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C as well.  This case adds some protection to your phone but also extends your iPhone 5 battery life by quite a bit, just around double battery life from the case and this case also sports a kickstand and a full USB port which can charge other devices from your phone … Read more

Olala iPhone 6 Battery Case Review

For those who don’t know what a phone battery case is, I will explain.  A Battery case is a case for your mobile phone that also has a built-in external battery pack into it.  This is basically a case that adds thickness and length to your phone because it has to store the battery somewhere.  Typically these cases can be sturdy enough to add bumper protection and you can get them in a variety of … Read more