Games Children Can Play Using Walkie Talkies While Staying Indoors

With the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown on us, everyone must stay indoors, practice physical distancing with neighbors, friends, relatives, as well as follow the safety directives issued by the health authorities. As the days pass, the enforced isolation can begin to irritate people, make them antsy, have cabin fever, or even drive them stir-crazy. For parents with younger children, the stay-at-home order in many cities and states have been particularly taxing with what seems to be … Read more

Best .IO Games For Children Under 10

Playing games is an excellent form of entertainment for young kids. Of course, kids can’t play the really intense video games that are dominating the market. .io games are a great option for kids to play. These are small and simple games that are a lot of fun and can be very addictive. Here is a list of some .io games that you should check out. You can play the Top IO Games at Dimble. … Read more