How to Install Clash of Clans on Kindle Fire HD, HDX

My kids are big into Clash of Clans of course which is one of the biggest mobile games out and has been for some time (micro-transaction hell if you let it) but let's say you are a Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire HDX owner.  Amazon does not list Clash of Clans in their app store [...]

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How to Take Screen Shots on the Kindle Fire HDX

All Kindle Fire Tablets (Only method for Kindle Fire (1st and 2nd Generation) You can take screenshots from all Kindle Fire tablets using Eclipse, which is the standard desktop developer tool for Android. Connect the Kindle Fire tablet to your development computer as described in Setting Up Your Kindle Fire Tablet for Testing. In Eclipse, [...]

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Kindle Fire HDX Cases for Any Budget

The Kindle Fire HDX is an amazing tablet and one of the fantastic things that was announced and released along side it is the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX Standing Leather Origami Case which allows for all sorts of creative stand options. The problem is the leather Origami case is $64.99 which is almost 1/3 the [...]

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Do You Think the Kindle Fire HDX Trumps the Nexus 7?

Amazon continues to do a fantastic job creating a portable Amazon hub with it's Kindle Fire line of devices and nothing could showcase this further than with the Kindle Fire HDX which was just announced as a 7" version and a 8.9" version. The Kindle Fire 7 HDX is clearly the latest and greatest in [...]

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