Tt eSPORTS Black V2 Laser Gaming Mouse Review

For every gamer, after their internal PC specifications, the most important thing is the peripherals, and for a hardcore FPS gamer who also plays a little bit of RTS/MOBA games, a comfortable and precise mouse is the focal point of that. And today we are going to have a look at the Tt eSPORTS Black V2 Laser Gaming mouse to see whether it fits the need of such gamer or not. Manufacturer’s take on Black … Read more

Win an Anker 2000DPI Gaming Mouse #12DaysofGiveaways

There is a reason that both of my kids wanted this mouse for themselves and they both have one after doing my review of it.  It isn’t just because it is an awesome gaming mouse, but the Anker 2000DPI 7 button gaming mouse also has the coolest LED color profile out of all of the mice I have reviewed, and one of my kids loves it set to RED all the time, while the other … Read more

Review of the Anker 2000DPI Laser Gaming Mouse

Anker has been putting out a few incredibly high quality products as of late that have a great price performance point.  Their Precision Gaming Laser mouse that I reviewed last year was probably my favorite mouse ever tested and I had used it as my primary mouse for months, you can read my review of the precision gaming laser mouse for more information about that one. Here is a video review of the Wrangler 2000 … Read more