The Magnifying Solution For Every Hobby Need

If you have ever had the good fortune to be working with jewelry, electrical components, watches, textiles or geodes, you would know the joy of tinkering with small items. You would also be attuned to the need for seeing these intricate things up close. Seeing things closely is an issue only solved by few methods. These methods are usually clunky or awkward magnifying glasses. Today, I am here to tell you the best solution. Imagine … Read more

BenQ ScreenBar LED Task Lamp Review

Every once in a while, I agree to review a product that I feel might not be that great and sometimes I am surprised… and sometimes my gut was right.  Today’s review is on the BenQ ScreenBar LED Task lamp, one of those products I felt was not going to be so great but who knows, it could be pretty good.  Before we get into the review and showing you how the bar works, let’s … Read more

Loftek 50W LED Floodlight

There are products out there that you never knew you wanted until you have them in hand getting to try them out. My next review is just such a product. Unboxing the Loftek 50W LED Floodlight Now for the written unboxing and more details, one thing to know about me is that I love colorful lighting. My computer desk is lined with bright LED lighting that I can change and alter in a variety of … Read more

ThorFire Cree LED Flood Light and Powerbank Review

Two things we all need are light and power, at night and anytime in the day, we need these 2 things to do anything especially work.  Light for camping, working or playing in dark spaces and then energy to charge your phone, tablet and any other device you may have.  Today I will be reviewing the ThorFire Cree LED Flood Light and Powerbank. Let’s first start out with the Features and Specifications Features and Specs … Read more

Annt Led Intelligent Mobile Lamp Review

Light is such an important part of our life. It symbolizes hope, happiness, health, and so much more. We set our lives by it, and honestly could not function let alone live without it. In fact, when it is gone, we find ourselves sad and often times depressed. It is truly important to us in so many ways. I live in a part of the country somewhat known for tornadoes. I am thankful that we … Read more

Choetech Flashlight and 3 in 1 Emergency Tool Review

I have never before thought of a flashlight as being anything more than just a light with batteries wrapped up in a plastic wrapper. Some desire to be more, and others don’t even make the mark. Choetech has a flashlight that not only shines brightly, but does a whole lot more or less. As a flash light, there are a few things to know. It does not use a traditional bulb, but instead uses a fairly … Read more