Lightroom Whiten Teeth Tutorial

To make teeth look really white is among the most important aims while retouching primarily portraits images. You can make it online, having used any free photo editor BUT only if you have a low-resolution image. If you need a Hollywood smile on the photo for advertising, wedding albums or posters, you should make it in Lightroom or Photoshop on your own or address online photo editing services like FixThePhoto or Weedit.Photos. The easiest way … Read more

How To Create A Dramatic Sky In Adobe Lightroom

Visual power is crucial if you want to generate more B2B sales and B2C sales. A picture can say a lot of words, and video can say even more. But with the power of Adobe Lightroom, you can make sure that you appeal to your target audience. You can ensure that you build your social media brand through grabbing the attention of the people who matter most to you. But if you want to preserve … Read more

How To Achieve A Quick Clean Edit In Adobe Lightroom

Images are crucial to your brand because impressions are made in milliseconds, according to a recent study. One of the myths about online reputation management is that your customers don’t care about HD images. This couldn’t be further from the truth. If anything, the quality of your images will reflect on the overall quality of your business. What you need to remember about social media brand building is that it’s a visual arena, and so … Read more