How to Screw Logitech Brio on a Tripod

So I wondered why the Logitech C922 and C930e had screw thread for a tripod mount but the Logitech Brio couldn’t screw into a camera tripod mount. Turns out it took some basic figuring out and then I was able to remove the Logitech Brio monitor clamp so that you can screw it into a camera tripod mount or another screw mount. The BRIO camera has a snap in webcam clamp and you can simply … Read more

Is the Logitech BRIO the Best Webcam?

As a vlogger and video streamer a webcam is very important to me because I do most of my recording on my PC at home.  I need a webcam that can accommodate various lighting levels, that is high resolution and can take quality pictures as well as a minimum of high quality 1080p video.  For the past 5 years I have been using Logitech webcams because simply put nearly every other brand I try doesn’t … Read more