Lost Girl – SubterrFaenean Recap

Lost Girl’s SubterrFaenean reveals some interesting things this week without having a complicated plot.  That is not a bad thing really, just different than some other episodes we have seen in the past.  SubterrFaenean also opens with Kenzi, Vex, and Kenzi’s friend Aussie, instead of Bo. The trio goes to an underground art event, and not just in the “keep it from the cops” underground but, actually in an abandoned subway tunnel.  Apparently, kids who … Read more

Why was Bo a Caged Fae in Lost Girl

After a fairly short break, Lost Girl returned with a huge question for fans, is Bo going to end up bad?  Thus far, she has sided with the Light side in most instances but still not chosen it as her “side”.    This has proven a good thing, especially since the Fae, both Light and Dark, needed to band together to beat the Garuda at the end of last season.  However, Bo finally tapped into her … Read more

Lost Girl Returns in January

The third season of Syfy’s Lost Girl premiers in January.  For fans of the series that follows Fae in the real world, this return is long overdue.  Then again, aren’t they all? In the first two seasons (although the US has only seen season 2), we learned that Bo is a succubus who didn’t know her real heritage for a long time.  She was haunted by things that happened in her past in fact, and … Read more