LotFancy Automatic Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Review

We review all types of gadgets and technology related items here on Dragon Blogger Technology and with my wife being a nutritionist she needed a portable blood pressure monitor for when she visits clients as her business is one where she drives to clients homes instead of working from an office location.  LotFancy who has partnered with us before on other product reviews happens to make blood pressure monitor cuffs as well and I asked … Read more

Two Bluetooth Audio Options Under $20

So recently we partnered up with LotFancy who happens to make two really great quality audio options for people who like to listen to music or audio on the go.  Both options are really a fantastic deal for the price, and LotFancy created a custom coupon for Dragon Blogger fans to take an additional 10% off so we wanted to share with the fans this special offer. LotFancy Stereo Bluetooth Earbuds The first is for … Read more