Lustre is an Easy Way to Shop for Tech Products

So about a month back I was invited to check out a Google Chrome extension called Lustre and this extension is another shopping assistant extension like some other ones but differs in that instead of particularly finding you coupons to put on your check out page this one helps you find the best product based on category you are looking at and concatenates reviews from several other sources to give you a solid rating system … Read more

Win Any Video Game You Want and More  – News Update

So I came across a new Chrome Extension recently called Lustre which makes finding various tech products easier based on reviews and has consolidations across multiple online stores.  The brand reached out to us in order to show off how they easily compare and show reviews to help people find things like gaming headsets, keyboards, gaming mice, ssd drives and more.  It has a nice layout, shows you scoring from various stores/merchants and lets you … Read more