LUXA2 EnerG Slim 10,000 mAh Power Bank Review

By now, most of our readers must be familiar with LUXA2. Luxa2 focuses on smartphone accessories and is a division of Thermaltake. We’ve done a few of their product reviews in the past that you can check out here: Luxa2 have been kind enough to provide us a sample for the Luxa2 Slim EnerG 10,000mAh power bank. So that’s what we have our hands on today. EnerG Slim Specifications: Product Name EnerG Slim 10000mAh Power … Read more

Luxa2 Lavi X In-Ear Bluetooth Headset Review

Last month, Luxa2 added another product to their Lavi headset lineup with the launch of Lavi X Sports Wireless Earbud Headset. As the name suggest, this is a dual wireless in-ear headset, first full wireless in-ear headset in the Luxa2 lineup; they’ve previously also released a semi-wireless headset called Lavi O. Luckily, we’re among the very few people who got the chance to review the Lavi X, so let’s get right into it . The … Read more

Luxa2 Lavi S Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphone Review

Once again by the courtesy of Luxa2, I bring you Luxa2 Lavi S over-ear hybrid headphone. Hybrid in what terms you ask? Well you can either use Lavi S as headphone or as external speakers to rock with your friends. Sounds interesting? Lets figure out how below. The Lavi S is equipped with 2x 40mm drivers for the headset and another 2x 40mm drivers for the external speakers. Since external speaker will require more food … Read more

Luxa2 E-One Aluminum Headset Holder Review

We all know, as a PC owner, how troublesome managing your gear can be, and more so when it comes to the headset. One solution for your headset is to either hang it on the monitor or just have it laying around on the desk or on the chassis and the other solution is to have it hanging in it’s full glory on a headset holder. And Luxa2 has provided us with the E-One Aluminum … Read more

LUXA2 S100 Wireless Charging Pad A Receiver Kit Review

Today we are going to take a look at a sample from LUXA2 Thermaltake Mobiles, as suggested by the name, it’a division of Thermaltake which I’m sure doesn’t need an introduction. Whereas Thermaltake and TteSports deals in Computer cases and peripherals, LUXA2 deals in mobile accessories like power banks, audio solutions and other related accessories. And today we are going to take a look at the LUXA2 S100 Qi Wireless charging pad and receiver kit … Read more