Machine Learning is a method of artificial intelligence (AI) application that enables systems to analyze data, and study and improve on it to enhance future analysis methods and objectives, without explicit programming. Machine learning supersedes traditional programming, as the latter would need manual inputs of codes and program analytics. This implies that you do not need to control the system, manually, it learns from gathered data and evolves based on it. This is the closest … Read more

3 Ways Machine Learning Is Transforming the Gaming Industry

Every industry is being affected by technology, from the transportation industry to the gaming industry. This is more evident with the rise of machine learning, which is taking technology to the next level. The following are three ways machine learning is revolutionizing the gaming industry with. 1. Unpredictable Side Characters We know that gaming has become a big industry with a lot of fans. Video games have continuously gotten more exciting to play, which will … Read more

How Technology Will Impact The Future Of Engineering

Technology and engineering always work in unison. When technology advances, this affects the type of engineering work that is produced. New systems, machines, and gadgets are transforming the way engineers are able to develop, test and maintain products and equipment. When people think of the engineers, they often think of an individual that can fix their internet or someone that devises the structure of the buildings you see outside. The very definition of an engineer … Read more


Mastering of Machine Learning With Python

Machine learning is a category under artificial learning. The basic goal of machine learning is about understanding the structure of data and fitting it into models that can be easily understood and put into use. Being a part of computer science, machine learning differs in style from other computation approaches. Machine learning allows the computers to train on data inputs and use analysis for the output of values that fall in a certain range. The … Read more

How Machine Learning Can Be Useful In Animal Healthcare And Veterinary Services

  Source Animals, especially pets share a very close and deep relationship with people, and this bond has only grown over the years. Now, when an animal is unwell, people are more inclined to invest in healthcare and treatment, giving a significant boost to the animal healthcare and veterinary services industry. The growing demand for animal products such as milk, eggs and meat, is increasing with the increase in population. To meet this demand, animals … Read more

7 Surprising Things About Machine Learning You’ll Love To Know

There’s been a lot of a fuss about machine learning over the past few years and it has become quite the ‘in thing’. So, what is it really all about? Well, machine learning involves creating systems and algorithms that have the ability to learn from the information and data they analyze and process. The algorithm gets better the more data it processes. Hence, the learning bit of it. It actually makes up a considerable part … Read more