Mac Users Protect Yourself from Zombieload Vulnerability

In 2018, January, the InfoSec community was stunned with the news about Intel security threat affected entire generations with the vulnerabilities of the meltdown and Spectre. It affects the entire generations of Intel at a large. In May, 2019, it has been found by the academics that there is also a side-channel attack that affects Intel process. With this attack the attackers are utilizing set of vulnerable data inside of your Intel CPU and retrieving … Read more

How to restore iMac to Factory Settings

The post explains the process to restore iMac to factory settings using a defined process. It also explains why a Factory reset is required and how it helps keep your personal information safe. More and more digital transition have given rise to excess data. It is everywhere, and if you are a Mac user, from every individual device you use, the surplus data gets globally stored on your Mac system at the end.