Looking at Seree Digital Camcorders and Are They Any Good?

Popping up on the budget camera and camcorder scene is Seree with their products sold by the Sereer Technology shop over at Amazon.  Now at the time of this writing they had a very high rating average for the store and they have a number of camcorder product models available.  So many in fact that it may be confusing to end users as to which model to get and why choose one model over another model so … Read more

A Beginner’s Guide To DSLR Camera Lenses

If you’re not necessarily that technologically inclined, buying a DSLR camera can seem pretty overwhelming. And then on top of that, figuring out which camera lenses to add to your repertoire can just about make your head explode. With so many different options and hordes of numbers and other technical jargon to wade through, how do you know where to start? While it’s certainly daunting, acquiring camera lenses past the one that comes with your … Read more