Smartphone Car Mounts – Six of the Best

You are not legally allowed to use a smartphone to make or receive a call while you are driving, unless your phone is secured in a mount or holder. In most states you are also not permitted to touch the phone at all, so you need to use hands free technology such as Bluetooth. This means that you need to find a mount in which you can hold your phone, whether you are expecting an important … Read more

Review of the Mengo Magnetic Car Mount

Hey guys, coming at you today with a short but sweet review of the Mengo Mini Magnetic Air Vent Car Mount. Let’s get right in… Watch the Video We partnered with our friends over at Mengo and they me use try out this mount, and I am not disappointed. The mount is very simple to use. In the box you’ll find  the mount itself, a circular adhesive metal plate, and a non-adhesive metal plate. (pictured … Read more