Finished the School of #MAKEOURMARK Stop Motion Videos Class

So I finally was able to finish the Skill Share Stop Motion Videos class that I signed up for and that started on October 9th.  This was part of the Levi School of #MAKEOURMARK which had some great creative programs for people to learn and pay a low $10 amount and the money would go to charity. 100% of class proceeds fund arts+music education for kids through 826 National. The classes are presented in a … Read more

Skillshare School of #MakeOurMark: Learn Some Creative Skills Quickly

I love learning and there is not a day that goes buy that I don’t spend some part of it learning and mostly it is by reading blogs, things I find on the web or watching video tutorials on how to do things.  I also have no limit to how much I want to learn, artistic stuff, technical stuff, entertaining things I just have a craving to learn as much as possible and diversify my … Read more