Ways to convert audio in windows

Windows Media Player is a Windows application that by default comes with Windows PCs. It is specifically designed to allow you to play audio and video files, but with its own format (.WMA), you might have problems playing in other players. Therefore, the only solution you have left is to pursue conversion so the audio can be accepted by other players out there. If you have been looking for the best way to convert WMA … Read more

Pipo X7 01

Introducing the Pipo X7 Mini PC

Good day everybody and welcome to 2015!!! If you’re reading this, then like countless other human beings, you’ve made it to the new year (that alone is reason to celebrate, am I right?)! Well, I’d just like to extend a quick heartfelt thanks to all of you for sticking with us through all of the time that you have, and if you’re new here, then thanks for joining in! Now, on to the next task … Read more

Does Every Online Blogger Need a Shtick?

I read so much content on Pulse its incredible and as a technology and gaming blogger I can really tell you that when you create content online that you are hoping people will consume and enjoy you have to employ and deliver something that stands out against an already and ever increasingly crowded Internet. So when I read an article on Destructoid that introduced readers to Hot Pepper Game review I had to check it … Read more