Close to Being Fouled Out: NBA 2K21 Review (Current Gen)

I know you’re probably wondering why this review is so late. Well, I decided to take as much time with this review as 2K did to fix the issues I had with the game, and thus, the reason why this review is so late. Hopefully 2K eventually decides to learn that Quality Assurance is important, eventually.  It’s another year and albeit this year has been, interesting to say the least. The world of sports as … Read more

MMO Gold Selling: How They Really Work

There is nothing quite like playing video games to spend your free time. They are as exciting as they are challenging and demanding. Video games have significantly evolved over the years, leveraging technology to create fascinating worlds and intricate graphics. Now, you have Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games where players roam freely in open worlds, like World of Warcraft. These games encompass a large number of players, reaching hundreds or even thousands of players at … Read more

The Case for Microtransactions: Looking at both Sides of the Coin

As the world of video games evolves over time, video game companies are trying to find more and more ways to soak up every single dollar they can from the video game industry. The video game industry is massive and one that is seeing hundreds of thousands of new gamers each and every day. As new consoles and games are being released, companies are trying to find other strategies to make extra money off of … Read more

Do Loot Crates and Micro-Transactions Belong in the Gaming Industry?

  You may have come to this article with an instant opinion about whether loot creates and by similar token micro-transactions belong in the gaming industry and whether or not your favorite games from casual ones to AAA featured titles should contain them. Should loot crates be regulated by the gaming industry and be treated more like gambling, or should they continue to fall under the video game industry with some rules or standards that apply … Read more