Redragon Impact MMO Gaming Mouse Review and Giveaway

For the past two months I have been using the Redragon Impact MMO Gaming mouse exclusively so that I could tell readers exactly how it feels using a 12 thumb button mouse that has customizable weights and custom macro and DPI options.  I can say this mouse passed with flying colors in all but one area and I will cover the one unusual issue later on at the end since most users will never see … Read more

Rytaki MMO Gaming Mouse Review

I review a lot of mice, but this is my first time reviewing a 12 button MMO Gaming mouse and I have to say after using it for a few months it is now the primary mouse I use.  Rytaki contacted us and wanted us to review their MMO Gaming mouse and I was more than happy to put it up against other gaming mice I have reviewed in the past.  The 12 thumb button … Read more