The Specifics of Android Mobile App Development

The Android operating system was created by Google in 2005. The corporation bought the startup Android Inc. and engaged in this development. Since then, Android has developed rapidly and is now installed on more than 83% of all mobile devices in the world. Android Mobile Application Specifics Highly varied devices This is great for users: you can choose a phone for every taste and for any technical requirements. But it is very difficult for developers, … Read more

Why C++ Is The Suitable Option For Mobile App Development

Mobile apps are the in thing at the moment due to the rise in the use of smartphones. The apps are the ultimate feature of these mobile phones, and they add a touch of functionality to them. Among the mobile software you can come across in a smartphone include financial apps, messaging and social media apps, and also games, among many others. The vast the collection of these software, the more prestigious the handheld device … Read more

Sanity Testing vs. Smoke Testing

To test your app you will have to perform different types of testing. Once the code is written the first type of testing the code has to go through is unit testing. After unit testing, the developers perform integration testing then sanity and then smoke testing just before performing functional testing. Whether it’s mobile app testing or any other software application, sanity and smoke testing is necessary. But many people think sanity and smoke testing … Read more

Ten Commandments for Mobile Game Development

Let’s start with some interesting facts. As per a Statista report, the gaming revenue is expected to grow over 44.2 billion USD by 2018. Another one is: ‘Angry Birds’ has become the most blacklisted game on all the corporate devices globally. Here the questions arise: How could ‘Angry Birds’ make it? We’ve heard that mobile game development domain is thriving and the app stores are flooded with the games of different genres, but how many … Read more