BATTOP Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard Review

  I hate typing on touch tablets and have never been very quick typing on touch screens compared to physical keyboards with their tactile and springy keys.  This is why I tend to not do any sort of blogging or extending writing on tablet devices, but if I do I always bring with me a Bluetooth keyboard of some sort.  I test a variety of them and many are miss or hit, you deal with … Read more

Virtual Laser Projection Keyboard Makes Your Task Easy On PC, Laptop, Tablet

Everything is going virtual and now you have the virtual keyboard as well to make your browsing experience on tablet and laptop user-friendly. The Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard is virtual but the convenience offered by it would be much more than the normal keyboard. This keyboard is compact, handy, and ultra-portable to offer you both convenience and mobility. You can enjoy the ease of typing with the QWERTY layout provided by this virtual keyboard. It comes … Read more