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5 Best Ways to Secure Your Android Phone

Though many Android users may believe their phones are secure, this doesn’t mean that they are not prone to attacks. Android smartphones are actually under continuous attacks, and the older versions are far more vulnerable than new ones. Image Credit: Pexels.com So, how do you protect your device from these attacks? Here are [...]

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Four Things You Didn’t Know You Can Do with Public Wi-Fi

Never get trapped with public Wi-Fi security? That doesn’t mean you can always be the luck one. Stories about Social Security account and bank information have been stolen hit us every day. However, statistics and reality suggest that, mobile end is more tend to be the target of hackers. You will never take this serious, [...]

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Gadgets and CA Certificates: Keeping Your Gadgets Safe

It is becoming more important than ever to think about security when it comes to mobile devices and do you know that most mobile friendly websites still opt to have non-ssl versions of their mobile site instead of SSL.  They do this because a non-SSL or encrypted website serves traffic faster and on a mobile [...]

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Phone Authentication Made Easy With TeleSign

Security is one of the most important things that can be focused on and leveraged within any company. TeleSign offers many different products that are set utilize your phone to assist in the continuing fight against fraud, specializing in phone authentication. All of their products are fully designed to focus on scalability, deliverability, and reliability.  They specialize [...]

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Universal Security for Tablets Phones and Computers

  Despite being protected with multiple anti-virus software programs, firewalls and being more careful whenever clicking on links like doing link previewers for shortened URLs...etc I still see an occasional malware popup from my Antivirus software on occasion from a freeware file I downloaded and wanted to test and review for my readers. It isn't [...]

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