Micro ATX vs ATX – Which One Will Work For You?

Building your own computer can be a great way to get exactly what you want from your machine, of course there are always going to be controlling variables that must be taken into consideration beforehand. You can’t just go shopping and hope for the best everything you purchase will have a limiting variable like budget, size, capacity and compatibility are the main considerations. Be sure to research and check what your buying will give you … Read more

X570 vs X470 vs B450 Chipset

The Chipset is a very important component in a motherboard because it controls the communication between your processor, RAM, and other I/O devices. If you are in the market looking to build an AMD based system, then you are going to find a lot of different compatible motherboards based on a number of different chipsets. AMD is currently offering the X570, X470, as well as B450 chipset. All these are targeted at different consumer types … Read more

How Are Motherboards Made?

The motherboard could be considered the nervous system of a computer; providing the pathways essential for communication between the different components. When working correctly, you won’t even notice this crucial part of your computer. When it comes to manufacturing these important components, there are a number of challenges faced. It requires a lot of different tech to build them. Below, we’ll look at a brief overview of how these clever motherboards are made. What are … Read more