Tt eSPORTS Draconem RGB Cloth Edition Mousepad Review

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In 2016, Tt eSPORTS came out with their first RGB mousepad known as Draconem RGB which we also reviewed back then. The mousepad featured RGB logo, RGB edges and a hard surface. However, either due to popular demand or Tt eSPORTS just felt like it, they also launched a cloth edition of the Draconem RGB [...]

UtechSmart Medium Sized Mousepad Review

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I needed a new mousepad after my old one got frayed at the corners and it was my last mousepad that didn't have stitched edges.  After this happened yet again I am convinced that stitch edged mousepads are the way to go to avoid that cloth separation that happens from extended use. So UtechSmart sent [...]

Rantopad Cube Gaming Mouse Review

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Why does a mouse pad need a review? Some people may think all mouse pads are the same. Some might think they need a really expensive one to up their gaming skills. Some people probably think the ones at the dollar store work just fine. Well there are some ways the right mouse pad can [...]

Rantopad Max Pure Alloy Aluminum Mousepad Review

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Today we bring forward a review by a company that you might not be familiar with as it's a new company to ourselves as well, but, Rantopad is a famous peripheral manufacturer in china. And today we will be taking a look at their MAX pure alloy aluminum mousepad. MAX is a full pure alloy [...]