Naipo Eye Massager Review

SO one of the more unique products I was sent to review was the NAIPO Eye Massager. I have used other NAIPO massage products before and am a big fan of their shoulder and back massagers with infrared heat but this was something different.  This is a massager that you wear over your eyes like you would a sleep mask and it goes to work working on the muscles and skin around your eyebrows, temples … Read more

NAIPO oPillow Back Massager Review

With more and more people working at their desks, it has never been so important to make sure you’re keeping your muscles safe while you sit so much. This is where back massagers can come in handy, so you can make sure you’re not completely stiff all the time (plus they just feel great). NAIPO reached out to have their new oPillow back massager reviewed and I was happy to test it out since I’ve … Read more

Naipo Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager

With so many of us constantly sitting at our desks, neck and back pain is common. While it would be nice to go get a massage every week, for most of us, that’s a little out of reach so having something at home that can help is even better. The Naipo massager is easy to use and massages great, making it a great option for anyone with neck pain. Through the years of writing for … Read more


New Adjustable, Portable Shoulder Massager For All Body Types Is Designed For “Just The Way You Are” SHENZHEN, China, October 7, 2019 – After years of developing and perfecting modern massaging technology, NAIPO introduced the oCuddle, a massager designed for “just the way you are.” Through market research and comments from hundreds of thousands of customers, Naipo discovered that the massage market was missing a portable, multipurpose shoulder massager that promises to fit all body … Read more