Inversion Challenges You to Defy the Laws of Physics

It is hard to get excited about the release of a new third-person shooter, but one with an intriguing premise such as Inversion has a decent chance of raising awareness. Among otherwise mundane ideas such as an alien invasion and a personal vendetta or a rescue mission, Inversion brings something new to the table. It promises a truly unique gaming experience, by empowering players to manipulate the laws of physics and repel the invasion in … Read more

Armored Core V Mech Combat at its Best

In a world infested by first person shooters and RPGs that try to imitate the more famous titles, a MMO simulator such as Armored Core V is an excellent addition. Those who love large scale confrontations between massive mechs, will love this one and once they join the online community, there will be no turning back. The single player will keep them hooked for many days, but the lasting appeal of this game is vastly … Read more