NBA Gaming: 2K or Live?

 When it comes to major sports video game developers, no groups have a hold on the American gamer like EA Sports and 2K Sports. Each publisher has gone to extensive lengths to create the most popular sports video games by partnering with major leagues, like the NBA and NFL. When it comes to basketball, two video game series compete for the basketball gamer demographic: NBA 2K and NBA Live. In general, the NBA 2K series … Read more

An NBA Game without the Grind: A Review of NBA Live ’19

In the past decade, EA has tried so hard to make a successful NBA game and it seems that every single year the Live franchise gets a bit better and then it gets worse again. However, EA gets it right, almost, with NBA Live ’19, the latest iteration of their NBA Live series. Let’s take a look at what this year’s game delivers and exactly how it stacks up to the competition by looking at … Read more