Opening 30 Unidentified Dyes in Guild Wars 2

The other day I thought I was in luck when I tried my hand at 30 unidentified dyes as I had some laurels to spend and wanted to get as many duplicates as possible for when the Guild Wars 2 feature pack released which would reimburse a ton of unidentified dyes that were duplicated between accounts. I wanted new dye colors as well as maybe some rare ones to sell as I needed to boost … Read more

Which Race Will You Be in Guild Wars 2?

Guild Wars 2 which is set to release on August 28th by NCSoft (get access 3 days early if you pre-order on showcases a handful of playable races to add some diversity from the human driven campaigns of the original Guild Wars game and expansion packs. These races add their own distinctive stories, quests and choices to the mix and make the replay-ability factor very high for Guild Wars 2. So here is a … Read more