Steam Gift Card Giveaway Winner and More Giveaways

Steam Gift Card Giveaway Winner and More Giveaways See the online version Steam Gift Card Winner and More Giveaways Happy New Year to everyone who is subscribed to the Dragon Blogger Newsletter.  I wanted to kick off the new year with some giveaways that target our various types of followers and subscribers.  Some readers are [...]

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January Newsletter Update

First up is the R3 UNO Learning Kit for Arduino With Stepper Motor, 1602LCD, Sensors, Servo, Breadboard and Jumper Wire.  I actually really love the Arduino and all the kits you can build and program with them.  This is such a great way to introduce kids or teens to circuits and electronics as well as [...]

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July Giveaways and Showcasing Some of Our Partners

For this July Newsletter we focus on two companies which we have partnered with and showcasing their products and giveaway for readers.  The first is Havit and this technology company makes a range of PC and speaker accessory products.  They have been steadily supplying us with products to review and giveaway to our readers and [...]

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November Gadgets and Giveaways

The Dragon Blogger has been hard at work partnering with sponsors to bring you new gadgets and gear to potentially win and in this newsletter we are featuring the latest round of sweepstakes which include some just about to end and others just kicking off. Also, for those who missed the email that Adrian L. [...]

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