ICZI Micro USB 2.0 Braided Charging Cables Review

This is a quick review of the ICZI Micro USB 2.0 Braided Charging Cables (5 pack). This USB cable pack is for someone who is looking to increase their data transfer speed, and decrease their charge time and needs a variety of USB cables in various lengths. The ICZI USB cables come in a pack of five, [...]

Mixcder® Basso Wireless Earphones

Bluetooth headphones are out in force these days.  The last few Bluetooth wireless headphones I reviewed were in ear headphones and all of the weight of the headphones were on the ear piece. The Mixcder® Basso Wireless Earphones uses an over the ear piece and smaller ear piece to reduce the weight hanging off of the [...]

Google Nexus 8 Launching in April?

A few sites picked up on the Digitimes report last week that Google was once again partnering with Asus and releasing an 8" version of the Google Nexus tablet in April.  This is an odd choice being only 1" larger than the Nexus 7 and I wonder if this is to more directly compete with [...]

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Samsung Google Nexus Prime Coming Soon

So we all know that the most awaited phones for the year 2011 has been the Apple iPhone 4S and the archrival Google Nexus Prime. After an extended long wait the iPhone 4S finally did launch with a bang, though it didnt really impress us since there was nothing different from its previous phone, except [...]

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