Know all about latest Nike’s release for the masses

Nike has exceeded its customers’ expectations by coming up with the amazing self-lacing shoes. This unexpected move came as a surprise to the market and the pair was on very high demand but ended up being bought from an auction. This is to say that these were just a special invention and only one pair of this was made. This was explained as a move to test the market before really going into mass production. … Read more

Nike Introduces Nike+ FuelBand to Measure Sports Your Activity

It is very important for everybody to keep themselves healthy, which means that not only one should maintain a good diet, but also maintain a regular exercise routine. As far as the statistics say, it is not possible for people to keep track of their daily routine with their day-to-day busy lives and only a very few percentage of them strictly follow good healthy routine. So we have just the right kind of an accessory, … Read more