Once Upon a Time – The Magic Returns

When Once Upon a Time debuted last year I thought it was an interesting concept for a TV series.  A town with well-known fantasy story characters who did not know what they really were due to a spell.  It had the potential to take children’s stories in a new direction, and in a way it did.  So when it got renewed, despite the fact that everyone figured out who they were at the end of … Read more

Game of Thrones Gets Several Emmy Award Nominations

The Emmy Award nominees were announced this week and HBO’s series Game of Thrones received several.  Perhaps not nearly as many as fans of the show, based off the George R.R. Martin A Song of Ice and Fire novels, would have liked but any recognition is better than being shut out completely. The competition in several of the categories is fairly still, unfortunately, so Game of Thrones may not walk away with too many of these … Read more