How to Get Good Playing Cosmos Invictus Space Mech Strategy CCG

Spent a lot of time over the past weekend playing Cosmos Invictus CCG which is a space mech combat strategy card game that is in early access on Steam.  The game consists of 2 factions and you can choose to build your deck with cards from either faction but if you choose the cards from the alternate faction than your deck is the card cost increases by one to play the cards.  The thing that … Read more

Playing the Elder Scrolls Legends CCG Game

Recently I really got hooked on The Elder Scrolls: Legends Collectible Card Game which is still in beta from Bethesda.  The game is completely free to play right now and you don’t have to spend any money to earn gold and unlock some packs, as you work through the adventure / tutorial portion of the game the story is engaging and the pacing of learning the mechanics I found to be excellent.  You also unlock … Read more