Several Ways To Make Money Online in 2019

For those of you who know me, you know I started this blog in 2008 originally as a means to bring entertainment and my love of tech, gadgets and video games to an audience but also as a way to make a part time income online to supplement my full time job.  I didn’t have visions of grandeur thinking I could become wealthy enough to quit my day job with blogging, but over the past … Read more

6 Simple Tips To Make Money As A Digital Nomad

The Nomad Life Chose Me You’ve been bitten by the travel bug, but how do you travel the world and make money doing it? The life of a digital nomad is becoming more popular, and accessible – meaning you can avoid the holiday come down and continue your adventure while earning money. First off, list your discernible skills. Are you an editor? A Writer? A proof-reader? A Blogger? A Teacher? A Critic? An Academic? These … Read more

How To Blog And Make Money If You Are A Student

It is common knowledge that blogging is popular nowadays, so almost everyone wants to try it. What is more, it may bring in extra income. If you are a student and would like to study and work without leaving home, blogging might be a good idea. More and more people start their blogs, but not all of them succeed. Many fail because they take it as frivolous pastime. A blog requires a lot of time and dedication … Read more