Why Technical Training is Essential in 4 Industries

If you don’t keep up with the latest developments in your field, you fall behind. Even if you are fully qualified and spent the majority of your life training for your current position, that doesn’t mean you are permanently equipped based on your established knowledge. Continual technical training in your field means you can stay ahead of the game, and stay relevant. Here are four areas where technical training is a must. Entrepreneurial and Start-Up … Read more

Top 5 Educational Apps to Help You Learn Faster

The Internet and mobile technologies have done amazing things to how we do almost everything – from how we communicate and meet people to how we study and work. A combination of these two technologies has led to the introduction of the most revolutionary personal productivity tools and resources, some of which you probably use already. Not sure of where to start? Here are five of the top educational apps and resources that you should … Read more

How Has Technology Changed Education

It’s almost impossible now, to imagine a world in which the internet is non-existent. So many people rely on it in order to exchange information with friends and colleagues in a timely manner, and so many people rely on the Internet as a source of entertainment as they browse through videos and services in the blink of an eye to find that online show or podcast they enjoy. The exchanging of information and the seeking … Read more

Finished the School of #MAKEOURMARK Stop Motion Videos Class

So I finally was able to finish the Skill Share Stop Motion Videos class that I signed up for and that started on October 9th.  This was part of the Levi School of #MAKEOURMARK which had some great creative programs for people to learn and pay a low $10 amount and the money would go to charity. 100% of class proceeds fund arts+music education for kids through 826 National. The classes are presented in a … Read more

Free Office Online Learning Membership with LearningGate

Recently I was introduced to a website that offers a wide variety of training on not only Microsoft office, but Microsoft operating systems as well. They have 3 separate levels of memberships to choose from, each one offering something a little bit better than the last. Today, I will briefly walk you through what is offered, and show you just how easy it is to use the lessons. First things first are the three membership … Read more