Top 5 Educational Apps to Help You Learn Faster

The Internet and mobile technologies have done amazing things to how we do almost everything – from how we communicate and meet people to how we study and work. A combination of these two technologies has led to the introduction of the most revolutionary personal productivity tools and resources, some of which you probably use [...]

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How Has Technology Changed Education

It’s almost impossible now, to imagine a world in which the internet is non-existent. So many people rely on it in order to exchange information with friends and colleagues in a timely manner, and so many people rely on the Internet as a source of entertainment as they browse through videos and services in the [...]

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Free Office Online Learning Membership with LearningGate

Recently I was introduced to a website that offers a wide variety of training on not only Microsoft office, but Microsoft operating systems as well. They have 3 separate levels of memberships to choose from, each one offering something a little bit better than the last. Today, I will briefly walk you through what is [...]

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